Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2. Day: Sandboarding!

After a short night where I was trying to photograph the stars, we got up early to eat nice breakfast in Paihia and went to Cape Reinga or Te Rerenga Wairua like the Māori say.


We needed 3 hours to travel to Cape Reinga. This is the northwesternmost point of New Zealand and the highlight is on the east side where a 90 mile sandbeach (Te Oneroa-a-Tōhē) stretches from the top down to Kaitaia. The beach is actually only 55 miles long (according to Wikipedia) – reason unknown.  


At Cape Reinga is the Spirits Bay located where according to Māori legends the dead depart from their home from a pōhutukawa tree to travel down a root to the sea and unite with the ancestors. The tree can be seen in this picture: https://goo.gl/photos/n7WMNnoHBVwz4PSb6


After Cape Ringa we were looking for the huge Sand Dunes on the Ninety-Mile-Beach, because there you can do something called Sandboarding. As the name suggests you take a board, in this case a bodyboard and walk up the steepest sanddune and just slide down the sand. Sounds interessting, was definitely worth a try – the sand dunes looked spectacular, but I wouldn’t do it again. I guess it’s just more fun in the water for me and afterwards there is just sand everywhere. ;)



Just a quick side note as we are driving around quiet a lot. The driving on the left side is not really a problem. You adjust rather quickly, especially if there are other cars on the street. The really difficult thing is to activate the direction indicators (blinkers) in the car. They are also on the right side. So if you see someone using the windshield wipers in a sunny day, it’s probably us or just another tourist. ;)


And if you think about driving along the 90 mile beach with a 4x4, just drive fast through the sand as you get easily stuck – as we have seen someone blocking the only exit. As we have only a small front-wheel drive this wasn’t a problem for us.


Travel route today:



And here are some snippets of the day. I decided to use only smartphone photos for the blog at the moment as it just takes too much time and I postpone the  photo editing woodoo to after the holiday.


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  1. hehehe... I'm with you -- I'll skip the sandboarding, not only for the fact you have to climb a mountain of sand to start it, but then yes, the sand is ev-ery-where, when you're done... What a place, though; that last image is lovely! (As are the ribs! ;)