Thursday, December 31, 2015

4. Day: Hobbiton!

Well, happy new year to everyone!

  • Tasted raw milk
  • Got to know Leo the cat
  • Have been to an alien place
  • Was in a fantasy land
  • Finally saw some sheep
  • Staying in a smelly town

Long version:
We spent the night at a very nice Farm in Whitianga. So we had breakfast with real raw milk. Not bad actually, but tastes more like cream. And they have a black cat named Leo.
After breakfast we drove to an alien place or the Waimangu Volcanic Valley and on the way we saw Highland Cattle and finally some sheep, but the cow count is still higher.

Volcanic valley is really impressive. To get a feeling of the heat that is below us and to see the different shades of colours that the earth can provide is magnificent. Boiling water, steaming places and real blue volcanic water.

Well, after the alien planet we travelled to a fairy tale place called Hobbiton. Peter Jackson really found a beautiful place here to film The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. But be aware, it's just the movie set for the outside shots, the inside of the little hobbit houses is not fledged out. But the Green Dragon was fully furnished. We even had a nice brew there.

After that we went to Rotorura which is surrounded by geothermal activities and a smell of beautiful sulphur... But it's actually not that bad.

Btw. they have a Hundertwasser Toilet in NZ. But we just drove by. So just a link:

Slideshow of the day:

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  1. How neat to see the Hobbiton set... even if just exterior dressing. It was such a bucolic hillside, and that one huge (party) tree...