Friday, January 8, 2016

12. Day of 24 in NZ: Bye Bye Tweety or Breaking Bad

Today was a rainy day. So it was actually the perfect day for travelling to our next stop Hokitika. After driving south for a few hours we landed at our first break - Westport. After a coffee and my first beef pie we drove further south.


Unfortunately 3km south of Charleston our little yellow car didn't react anymore the way it should be. The clutch broke down fully at the next incline and we had to call Jucy Cars. After figuring out that you can actually call all 0800 numbers even from foreign cell phones without the country code, we were calling them. After a few minutes waiting in the line and listening to music, we got through and described our problem. After more than an hour the AA pickup arrived, hooked up our car and we drove back to Westport.


After confirming that the clutch is broken and there is nothing that can be done to quickly fix it, we booked a room in a backpacker hostel that was recommended by the driver and said good bye to our little yellow car – bye bye Tweety. :(


So now we are staying the night in Westport and Jucy Cars will call us tomorrow 8am to further discuss what will happen and hopefully give us a replacement fast. Not the greatest customer support btw...


But the backpacker hostel had a great discount on Angus Beef Hotstone dinner. So we tried that out and were pleasantly surprised what you get for 15 NZ dollars. Definitely a recommendation for the Denniston Dog Restaurant in Westport.






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