Saturday, January 9, 2016

13. Day of 24 in New Zealand: Stuck in Westport

After yesterday evening where we got informed by the Jucy Rentals support that someone will call us today at 8am, we were eager sitting in front of the phone. We wanted to call them again already yesterday to make sure that we have a car this morning, but apparently the customer support is only working until 5pm.


Surprisingly or not, nobody called. So we called them and the person that should have called us had no idea about our situation. We waited again. At 10am we had to leave Bazil’s Hostel and Surf School, which was actually quiet a cool backpacker hostel, and decided to get some coffee and breakfast and await the call.


So we went to the place we were already yesterday before the breakedown and waited and waited. After 1.5 hours we called them back. They were still investigating what they could do. First option was to get a new car in Christchurch – 4 hours away from us. This was definitely no option for us, as we didn’t have a car to get there and the bus was only driving in the morning. Also we needed to be at the Franz Josef Glacier in the evening for the trip tomorrow morning. After they were investigating a little further we called them again and got informed that there is a second option. A couple will get us with a new car, we bring them to Greymouth, which was on our way, and then head on with our travel.


Unfortunately, they were still in Christchurch so that meant that we had to wait another 4 hours until someone would get us. But as this was the only viable option to get in time to Franz Josef we took it.


After breakfast we checked out the local parks, but as the wind was quiet stong we looked at other options were we could stay for the next few hours and ended up at Gibbys. They were so kind and let us stay there. But unfortunately they closed at 4pm and the couple wouldn’t arrive until 5pm, so we waited outside of the cafe for another hour until they finally arrived.


They were actually relocation drivers. (Yes, that’s a thing) who get cars from the rental company from one location to another. So they drove us to Greymouth and made a stop for us at the Pancake Rocks in Punakaiki. Interesting rock formations that actually look like piled up pancakes. Signs say that they don’t know how these formations were created, but Wikipedia explains it a little differently.


We got back in the car and drove to Greymouth to the B&B where our relocation drivers would stay the night before heading back to Christchurch by bus tomorrow. And then we drove further south to the Franz Josef backpacker hostel called Sir Cedrics Chateau Franz.


After this day we have mixed feelings about Jucy Cars. I had expected that they should have already done something yesterday. Instead they just waited until today to do something. That way we’ve lost now more than a day to waiting and driving. But today the support really helped us to get on the road again. So thanks to Ben, Elwyn and Chistine. But they definitely need a better tool (edoras? ;)) - we had to tell the same story over and over again.


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