Sunday, January 10, 2016

14. Day of 24 in New Zealand: Exploring the base

We got up really early today – at 3:26am. Unfortunately, this was not our plan. We had in the middle of the night a fire alarm at our backpacker motel. So at 3:26 the alarm went on and after a few seconds - what felt more like minutes - we realized what was happening. Then the speakers went on saying that it is a fire alarm and that we had to leave the motel. Lucky us, we could go back to bed 10 minutes after the alarm. Reason for the fire alarm: unknown.


After this, we got up at 9am and explored this town called Franz Josef. It’s a neat little town with everything you can think of for Backpackers. A lot of motels, a supermarket, a lot of adventure tours, a hot spa and a few restaurants and bars.


After checking the tour for tomorrow we went by car to the foot of the Franz Josef glacier. Or at least that’s where it once was. A few years ago you could walk from there to the glacier, but nowadays the glacier retreated and the only way to get now on the glacier is with a helicopter. So if you did a walking tour a few years back, it’s not existing anymore. The glacier itself retreated a lot unfortunately, but nonetheless it was an extraordinary sight.


And if you thought about making some photos with a drone, they are forbidden at the glacier. But I’m quiet excited about the photos I took there. Unfortunately, it just takes too long to process them now, but after the holiday photo processing will start. ;)


After the little tour to the foot of the glacier, we went back, bought some food on the go and went to the West Coast Wildlife Center Franz Josef to see yet another Kiwi, in fact the rarest Kiwi of them all – the Rowi. They actually track down the eggs in wildlife, hatch them and set them out to the wildlife after they can look out for themselves. If it hadn’t been for them only 5% of Kiwis would survive due to stoats, cats and possums.