Wednesday, January 13, 2016

17. Day of 24 in New Zealand: Queenstown

For today we didn’t have any plans (yes really!). We ate breakfast at our B&B and checked out the sites of Queenstown. As I wanted to photograph the stars of Queenstown I checked some webpages and especially the Lightpollution Map to see which area would be the best to get a really dark sky. Of course Queenstown itself is quite bright, so we checked the area to see if there are any sites which have a nice foreground. Especially the ‘Remarkables’ would be great for such a photo. 


At first we drove to the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge which is actually the bridge where bungee jumping really started – at least it was the first bridge used for commercial bungee jumps. Very interesting to see that almost every five minutes another person jumped from the bridge. All in all the situation, people in a good mood, cool music took away the nervousness of bungee jumping – almost. I didn’t do it though and I never considered doing it, but for the first time I didn’t have the feeling of ‘never ever gonna do it’.


Anyway, after watching some people jump and safely pulled into the boat, we drove further to look at other interesting sites around Queenstown. So, we drove to Arrowtown, which once was a gold rush town and there is still a little part that still has these ‘small town heritage buildings’.


Next we visited Jacks Point, which according to this site, provides a nice scenery to photograph the stars, but basically any point provides a nice scenery around the ‘Remarkables’. :) Unfortunately the weather is not looking too good at the moment as I’m writing this – so we will see.


At last we drove north along the ‘Queenstown Glenorchy Road’ to – you guessed it – Glenorchy. Along the Lake Wakatipu, which is a beautiful scenic drive along the east side of the lake and along the ‘Tooth Peaks’. After this we drove back to Queenstown to eat something and now we are back at our B&B.


Hopefully, tomorrow we will finally be able to get to a glacier. But we will see.


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