Saturday, January 16, 2016

18. Day of 24 in New Zealand: 3-2-1 Day of Heights

… or just the craziness of Queenstown. ;)


Today finally everything we planned for and didn’t even plan for worked. We got up in the morning and called ‘The Helicopter Line’, and they confirmed that the weather was good to fly. So this time it really worked. We got the see the beautiful scenery of Queenstown up to the Mount Aspiring and would land there on the ice on top of the mountain.


So we got to Queenstown airport, received once again the safety briefing, but this time no cancellation call after the briefing – puh! We and three others plus the pilot were going for the ‘Southern Glacier Experience’ – duration 50 minutes. After around 20 minutes flight we landed on the top of one mountain west of Mount Aspiring. This was a really cool experience. You cannot walk on the top, so it really is untouched ice and snow. Of course ‘untouched’ other than the hundrets of tourist that come with the heli. ;) After 5-10 awesome minutes on the ice we flew back to Queenstown airport.


This was number one of the crazy things in Queenstown. Afterwards we drove back to our B&B and walked into Queenstown for the Paraflights. Which is basically a parachute hooked on a boat. You strap in on the boat and it gradually releases the line and lets you fly around 182 meters (600ft) over the sea. This can be done in a tandem, which we and others on the boat did. For around 10 minutes we flew over Lake Wakatipu and saw Queenstown, the Remarkables and all the other nice landscapes. This is really a awesome option to see the surroundings of Queenstown from above.


After the Paraflights we needed something to eat. But not too much, so we decided for a little snack at the Hell restaurant – a pizzeria. The pizza was okay, just enough for the next trip. After lunch we had to check in at the AJ Hackett Bungy. No, not for the Bungy itself, but for the world’s biggest swing – the Nevis Swing. It swings in a 300m arc, 160m above the canyon floor. A little bus drove us and 20 others to the Nevis for either Bungee Jumps or Swings. As it is a private land, you have to take the bus, you cannot drive by yourself. It was approx. a 40 minute drive. That’s why the whole experience takes about 3 to 4 hours. Well at first I was anxious, but it changed soon to excitement and now that I’ve done it, I would definitely do it again. The only downside – as soon as it’s starts it is almost over. After they release you, you have a 70m freefall and then you have a few swings above the canyon.


After the Nevis Swing we had to eat something. So after doing the biggest swing of the world, we had to taste the best burgers in the world – the Fergburger. It is fastfood on the go. There are some places to sit, but as there are sooo many people there standing in line, you better just get your meal and look for a nice quiet place. And that’s what we did. I tried the Double Ferg with Blue Cheese – delicious. It is a really huge burger and the meat and sauce are just yummy. :)


And that’s it for the day. Tomorrow we will go futher south to Milford Sound.


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