Saturday, January 16, 2016

19. Day of 24 in New Zealand: Milford Sound

As we didn’t have any internet on the Milford Sound cruise, this post is a little later online.


After an exciting day in Queenstown yesterday, we left early it in the morning, as we had a long drive ahead of us. Linear distance isn’t that long at all, but unfortunately there is no direct road. So as you can see in the location history, we had to travel quiet a curve until we reached our next destination – Milford Sound.


On the way we made a little stop in Te Anau. This is probably the last stop with decent internet or a petrol station. After this there is a nice drive with hairpin turns (serpentines). We stopped at Te Anau at a nice cafe called Sandlfy Cafe, where they served us a delicious ‘silver fern’ cappuccino.


Btw. ever heard of sandflies? They are like midges found in Scotland, but definitely a lot nastier. So, they bite and suck blood which leaves a large red itchy bump. And there are hundreds of them. We stopped one time with the car just a second in the wrong carpark and had a lot of them immediately in the car. Driving with all four windows open helped a little to get them out. Oh yes, and they are tiny, like 1mm long. So be aware and wear long clothes in these areas.


Anyway after fuelling ourselves and the car we drove to Milford Sound through a ‘one way’ tunnel with traffic lights and an information panel how long it will take until no incoming traffic. It is the Homer Tunnel. In the winter season it’s according to the Wikipedia article, too dangerous to wait outside of the tunnel due to avalanche risk, so the traffic lights are only for the summer.


We arrived in Milford Sound. The weather during the day was pretty bad. It rained all day, but I guess it was good for the land, as it was very very dry before. But the weather forecast promised us better weather in the morning the next day and as we had the overnight cruise in Milford Sound this was good news to us. It even cleared up already in the evening, which was even better.


We boarded the Milford Mariner and shortly after we cruised through the inlet of Milford Sound Fiord and saw up close a lot of waterfalls (as it rained all day), the rainforest, the mountains and a few fur seals. We then anchored in a sheltered cove and had the possibility to take a Kayak and explore the cove ourselves with a guide. Milford Sound was really a remarkable experience and especially the hundreds of waterfalls on one cliff alone were spectacular. In the evening the passengers of the Milford Mariner got a presentation about the wildlife and the nature of Milford Sound, which was not only informative, but also quite funny – thanks to Stu. Early in the morning I tried to capture the stars above the nice scenery, but on a boat, it’s just impossible to have a stable ground for 20 seconds. So, I guess I have a few art photos. ;)



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