Monday, January 4, 2016

8. Day in New Zealand: Tongariro Alpine Crossing and a little surprise

Well, we did it. Unfortunately the Tongariro Mountain Shuttle cancelled on us due to bad winds, but others were still taking people, so we went with Tongariro Experience. So we parked our car in the Ketetahi Car Park and the shuttle brought us to Mangatepopo Car Park. From there we hiked to Soda Springs, South Crater, Red Crater and took a little detour to the Mt. Tongariro Summit. Afterwards we went to the Emerald Lakes and walked down to the Ketetahi Car Park.


Well, sounds wonderful right? Well, the problem was that we couldn’t see anything. The clouds covered the whole Tongariro mountain and we didn’t even see the Emerald lakes. So for the picutres you have to go to Flickr. ;)


And there were some things I forgot:

  • Gloves (it was very cold and wet)
  • Warm hat

Things I didn’t forget:

  • All the photography gear
  • The ring


To be honest, after hearing quiet a lot of warnings and reading signs everywhere about the difficult hike, it wasn’t as bad at all. In fact only the last 2km down really wore me down.


Afterwards we treated our muscles with a nice Thermal Pool and that was it for the day.

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  1. Hmm.... what was the ring you remembered?
    Looks like a fascinating landscape, even if fogged in...